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September 23, 2013, 3:39 am
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Crowdsourcing Fifty or so ways to leave your paper:.

From the BLOG Neverending Search by Joyce Valenza

I love to read articles about education, specifically ideas for supporting principals and teachers to establish classrooms where students thrive on learning.  Happily, that is my job as an English Language Acquisition Specialist (ELAS).  I have been thinking about how to organize all the articles I read so I can easily access them when I want to refer to them.  My Practicum 538 at Willamette University requires a reading log and reaction log.  Where could I do this better than on my Making Connections Blog that I started three years ago when I first became an ELAS.

In reading Chris Lehman’s recent BLOG entry about teaching students to do research (Choice Literacy online newsletter BIG FRESH), I realized that doing research doesn’t mean we need notecards, piles of non fiction texts and GOOGLE.  We do research every day as we make decisions about what to eat, what to wear, how to organize our homes and work areas, how to get enough exercise and stay healthy, how to manage our finances and so on.  We need an easy system for accessing all that we learn in our research.  Thus I will resume my Making Connections BLOG to organize my ideas and resources.

The above BLOG entry by Joyce Valenza offers an endless menu of ways to do, present and preserve research.


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